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Tutors CAT Gr 10, Creative Arts Gr 8-9

Kategorie : CAT Gr. 10, Creative Arts Gr. 8-9, Life Orientation Snr. & FET Salaris :R76,000 Ervaring(s) :2 Year


We are a new private school. We are looking for tutors who may even still be studying to assist students with their studies. Student teachers required . Earn extra income while you study From grade 3 upwards: CAPS Curriculum with university entrance 1. Maths 2. Science 3.Geography and biology 4. History 5.English and Afrikaans 6. Hospitality 7. CAT 8. Business Economics 9. Computer science Extras 10. Entrepreneurship 11. Music 12. Singing 13 . Choir 14. Music band formation 15. Drama 16. Chess From grade 10 to 12 (specialized)


Why ACE Colleges? ACE Colleges has identified a massive gap in South African education – what graduates can do and what the real world requires from graduates. ACE Colleges aims to bridge the skills gap between the graduated product of South African education and the needs of South African employers and business market. The problem: Currently, there is a disconnect between what school teaches and what the real world needs new graduates to know in order to be employable or to run a business. Even private South African education does not reliably produce graduates with practical skills that are immediately useful in a real world work, social and personal wellness context. The solution: ACE Colleges offers a simple education solution; through project-based learning, we strive to develop unique, responsible individuals that possess real world skills and the ability to apply them effectively in practical situations. ACE Colleges offer private education with an enriched, hands-on approach to the enriched implementation of the CAPS curriculum. We believe in the application of real life skills whilst offering a learner-centred educational environment.

From grade 3 upwards:


CAPS Curriculum with university entrance


  1. Maths
  2. Science

3.Geography and biology

  1. History

5.English and Afrikaans

  1. Hospitality
  2. CAT
  3. Business Economics
  4. Computer science



  1. Entrepreneurship
  2. Music
  3. Singing

13 . Choir

  1. Music band formation
  2. Drama
  3. Chess



From grade 10 to 12 (specialized)