Belangrike Gebeure / Important Events

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Wiskunde-in-Aksie vir Laerskoolleerders!
  Let asb op gewysigde sluitingsdatum / Please note new closing date for project          
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  • Norme en Standaarde / Norms and Standards

    In its role as 'Amicus Curiae' to the Constitutional Court in the Rivonia Primary School case the SAOU drew attention to the seminal importance of the establishing of proper norms and standards for education. The SAOU's submission to the court was based on international research and best practice.

    The Minister for Basic Education has, in the recent past called for comment on two draft "Norms and Standards" documents. The SAOU responded to both.  The Constitutional Court's judgement in the Rivonia Primary School case makes those responses all the more relevant.


    Read the SAOU's standpoint on this matter :
    • Saou Amicus Curiae.
    • SAOU response to first draft document for norms and standards.
    • SAOU response to second draft document for norms and standards.

Latest News / Jongste Nuus

Focus on fundamentals / Fokus op grondbeginsels




Die Fakulteit Opvoedingswetenskappe nooi u hartlik uit om die oggend saam met ons te spandeer om u navorsingsloopbaan te beplan. Maak gerus van hierdie geleentheid en ons bekwame personeel wat beskikbaar gaan wees gebruik om u vrae te beantwoord.

The Faculty Education Sciences cordially invites you to spend the morning with us to plan your research career. Please make use of this opportunity and our competent staff to answer your questions.

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